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Sleep Lab -

CCMH Sleep Study Lab administers polysomnograms, or tests that measure certain body functions during sleep. In other words, we're taking a sample of your sleep to determine if you suffer from a sleep disorder such as OSAS.

How does this work? A sleep study, or polysomnogram, requires that you spend the night in the CCMH Sleep Study Lab, a patient room that has been equipped with additional monitoring equipment. This is necessary so that we can monitor your sleep through the use of electrodes placed on your head, face, chest and legs and a very small probe that is placed on your finger. A camera inside of your room will record your movements during sleep, and an experienced technician outside of the room will monitor the equipment throughout the night and strive to make your experience a comfortable one. All of this is very important so that we can monitor your oxygen level, eye movement, airflow, snoring, brain waves, leg movement and EKG (heart activity).

Polysomnograms require an order from your healthcare provider. Those polysomnograms performed at CCMH are currently interpreted by a certified sleep specialist, and the findings are shared with you by the healthcare provider who ordered your test.

Should the findings of the polysomnogram suggest OSAS, or if ordered by your healthcare provider, the CCMH Sleep Lab also offers Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) studies to determine how much pressure is needed to overcome your airway obstruction. CPAP is a potential treatment for OSAS that involves the delivery of gentle air pressure through a small, lightweight mask. Once the pressure required to keep your airway open is determined, CPAP may be utilized at home.

Diagnosis and treatment of OSAS are very important, as untreated OSAS can lead to many complications. Sleep studies are also useful in diagnosing other sleep disorders. For more information on the Sleep Study Lab at CCMH, please call the Respiratory Therapy Department at 417/876-3573.


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