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Picture of Radiology Manager, Josh McClellan, RT(R)(CT)(ARRT) standing next to an MRI Scan.
Picture of Radiology Manager, Josh McClellan, RT(R)(CT)(ARRT) standing next to an MRI Scan.

Radiology Services

The CCMH Radiology Department strives to offer patients access to high quality imaging tools. We provide inpatient and emergency services as well as a large variety of outpatient diagnostic services to the Community. These include:

Diagnostic X-rays
Digital Mammography.
Ultrasound to include venous and arterial exams and OB/GYN exams.
Ultra Helical CT with 3D Reconstructions
Echocardiograms and Stress Echos, and Exercise Tolerance Tests.
Bone Mineral Density or BMD

In June 2021, 3 new imaging systems were added to our facility. A new 80 detector row CT unit was put into place expanding our CT capabilities. This new unit allows for faster exams & less radiation exposure for patients. The second new machine added is the state-of-the-art US unit. The third machine is a new digital Portable X-Ray Machine.

Our teleradiology system allows images to be sent immediately to the radiologist, allowing quicker interpretations for the referring physician. Teleradiology benefits patients because the physician will receive a diagnosis faster when treating the critically ill, and the injured patient will receive quicker access to a 2nd consultation.

All Radiologists are board-certified and all Technologists are board-certified by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. The Radiology Department at Cedar County Memorial Hospital is available 24 hours for emergency situations.

For scheduled outpatient services the Department is open 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. To make an appointment please contact the Radiology Department at 417-876-3542.


matt ultrasound The Cedar County Memorial Hospital Radiology Department has been undergoing some exciting changes with the implementation of the cutting edge Aquilon Lightning 80 detector row Ultra Helical CT Scanner, one of the first of its kind to be placed in a Missouri facility in the past few months. It is a necessary diagnostic tool in today's ever evolving world of medicine. This scanner delivers results in shorter scan times with EVEN HIGHER imaging quality. The Advanced Intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE), is an approach to CT reconstruction that uses Deep Learning to distinguish true signal from noise to deliver sharp, clear and distinct images at speed. Trained using vast amounts of high-quality image data, AiCE provides enhanced anatomical resolution across the whole body including brain, lung, cardiac and musculoskeletal systems. The Canon Medical Systems' SEMAR (Single Energy Metal Artifact Reduction) utilizes a sophisticated iterative reconstruction technique to reduce metallic artifact, improving visualization of implants, supporting bone and the adjacent soft tissues for a clearer and more confident diagnosis. The spacious patient couch allows for comfortable scanning of all body types and sizes. This recent upgrade, along with the addition of NEW Ultrasound and NEW Portable X-ray capabilities totals over $675,000 in improvements in the department in the past several months.

vickie ultrasound

Radiology Manager, Josh McClellan, RT(R)(CT)(ARRT) commented, "All Cedar County Memorial Hospital providers have been given the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the new CT -- and all equipment has been demonstrated to acclimate each to the expanded capabilities now offered here at Cedar County Memorial Hospital." He added, "Also the very fact that we now offer even more than ever before - this takes us well into the 21st century. It's a great addition to our hospital."

Cedar County Memorial Hospital Interim CEO Angela Linden also added, "We want our community, patients and physicians to understand our commitment to providing high quality and safe patient care that's close to home. The investment by the Board of Directors to purchase this state-of-the-art equipment is a demonstration of that commitment."

female nurse standing next to scanner