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About Us

Terry Nichols- C.E.O. , smiling.
Terry Nichols- C.E.O. , smiling.


Spring has arrived, and just like the flowers and gardens, CCMH is growing and providing new
services for our communities.
Our mission is to continue listening to you and our staff in an effort to have the services here at
home that you need and want. As a Critical Access Hospital, we are not able to provide every
service the larger hospitals can. However, we should provide the services we can in an efficient
manner that is convenient for you to access and participate in. Please know that your inputs
and ideas are very important to us, as well as being a necessary component on decisions about
the operations of the hospital and clinics.

We want to welcome the following medical professionals to our partnership:
Dr. Keith Frederick (Orthopedics)
Dr. Gregory Sainnoval (General Surgeon)
Jody Pryor FNP (Family Practice and Wound Care)
Brooke McPeak FNP (Cardiology and Pulmonology)

And please keep our following medical professionals in mind:

Family Practice

Tedi Payne, Chandler Curtis, Dr. Russell Kemm, Dr. Jim Riscoe


Dr. David John (Rheumatology)
Dr. Christopher Andrew (Neurology)
Molly Davidson NP (Neurology)
Dr. Ethan Knowlton (Podiatry)
Dr. Patrick Santiago (Cardiology
Dr. Francisco Lammoglia (Cardiology)
Dr. Grant Pierson (Pulmonology)
Dr. Russell Kemm (Endoscopy)
Mark Clark CRNA (Pain Management)
Wallace Ralston CRNA (Pain Management

Cedar County Memorial Hospital - where we take care of our FRIENDS-FAMILY-NEIGHBORS every day.

Terry Nichols

Cedar County Memorial Hospital